Gerber Accumark V9.0 x64bit

AccuMark is a professional software for pattern design & Marker making, With this Apparel Cad, you can easily insert patterns that you draw on paper and digitally and precisely adjust the patterns you want and produce them in different dimensions. It has world standard size tables and does a lot of automated & intelligent work. This program provides many designers with some capabilities that are impossible to do manually on paper or require a lot of time.

In this program, clothing manufacturers can tailor different pieces of fabric and clothing patterns to any type of fabric. At the industrial scale, the smallest waste disposal will cause significant financial losses and the textile industry will make great efforts to reduce this waste. This and other similar applications help with this by designing the template design process. One of the distinctive features of this program is the ability to display a 3D pattern on a mannequin.

We recommend textile engineers and designers interested in working in the field to increase their flexibility and speed. The quality and precision of this program are very high and many garment industries around the world use this program professionally.

System requirements for Gerber Accumark Family V9.0





Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1, 10 32/64bit


i7 3.0 GHz
(Sandy Bridge, ivy bridge, and Haswell,
Devil's Canyon Microarchitecture)

i5 2.4 GHz

(Sandy Bridge, ivy bridge, and Haswell,

Devil's Canyon Microarchitecture)


Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050ti and above

Nvidia Geforce GTX 745


4GB and above




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